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My name is Lukasz Wojciech. I am a freelancer dealing with PLC programming and the visualization systems design. I have 7 years of experience in this profession which I have acquired in Poland and abroad. I can also provide a consulting assistance in automation systems design. I do what I like, which gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Privately, I love to spend my free time with my family, which also supports me in my projects. As a hobby I expand my knowledge about applications programming which one I am going to utilize in my job. I like to listen to music, read books and swim. I am an active Geocacher

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SoftTech Lukasz Wojciech – details

I have acquired my education at two universities. The bathelor degree in the field of Electrical Engineering with IT Support in Electrical Engineering I have acquired at the State Higher Vocational School in Leszno. The title of Master of Electrical Engineering with major in Microprocessor Control Systems I have acquired at Poznan University of Technology.

Professional Work
My adventure with control software programming I have started at Gutkowski company. To this company I owe my basic knowledge, which I was stuffed with there. I was working in water industry then. I have developed my further PLC programming skills at the CCS company, where I have been employed during my few years of residency in the UK. I had the possibility of commissioning various machines and production lines from automotive and aerospace industry, working on the newest components of the leading manufactures. From 2018 I have started the carrier as a freelancer in my company, SoftTech Lukasz Wojciech, continuing what I had been doing so far. Staying in good relations with my former employers, I collaborate with companies from all over Europe.


I specialize in systems based on Siemens software. I have solid experience in programming of PLC controllers from S7 family and visualization systems based on WinnCC environment.


IndraWorks environmets is the next one, which I have worked with and learned its secrets.


I have experience in programming of controllers from Modicon series using the Unity Pro software and Vijeo software for operation panels.


I have basic knowledge about the LabView environment. I am able to modify an existing project as well as create a simple project from scratch.


I am experienced in wiring of measurement automation components. I can read electrical schematics. I provide help in design of automation systems.


I can speak English and I know the technical vocabulary related with my profession.


From some time I am interested in computer and web applications programming. I have learned basics of C++, Java, HTML, CCS, JavaScript, PHP and VBA languages. I have worked with jQuery library and Bootstrap framework. The page which you are actualy browsing has been created by myself in WordPress.

Previous Projects

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